Dog Cottage - Amazing accommodation for little dogs
A holiday for your dog too! 

Dog Cottage boarding kennels offers truely unique accommodation for little dogs. 

Dogs roam freely while we are home - indoors with us, spending time in the securely fenced garden, hanging out by the fire in winter, or relaxing in the sun in the summer. All dogs sleep inside the house.

This is a fantastic option for dogs who may not cope well in a conventional kennel situation.

Our Dog Cottage Team
We have a fantastic team of dog lovers available to care for your dog. Simply read through the profiles below to find the best match and call them to discuss your booking.

- Marge

Located in Alicetown in Lower Hutt, Marge and her family will make your dog feel right at home. A lifetime dog owner, Marge loves to take her homestay dogs for big walks along the Hutt river and down to Petone beach. Ph 021 022-90919.
- Xmas @ The Dog Garden

Operating most of the year as doggy daycare, The Dog Garden in Lower Hutt opens as a pop-up kennel over the busy Xmas break. We take a maximum of 30 dogs under 20kgs and our unique model of 'free-range' kenneling is just awesome - cage free all day to play with all your buddies. Ph Karen on 022 347-4444 or view for details and pricing at

Pricing & services
It costs $30 per day per dog (excluding food).
Please note that ‘per day’ is for a 24 hour period. A half-day rate of $15 may also apply. Short and long-term stays are available. 

Our terms of payment is payment in full on pick-up.
Drop off and pick up times are by arrangement and are very flexible - although we ask that you drop your dog off before 2pm for their first stay so they have plenty of time to get settled before bedtime. Inspections are welcomed by arrangement. 
When dropping your dog off, you only need to bring bedding (or we can supply bedding at no extra cost) and enough food for the visit. We have plenty of bowls, leads etc. 

Please leave your dogs favourite toys at home as we cannot guarantee they will be returned in one piece. Also, no bones please as competition can get intense for these tasty treasures.

Behaviour & health
Dog Cottage is ideal for small dogs under 20 kgs to miniature dogs.  
Due to the unique style of kenneling at the Dog Cottage, dogs who stay with us will need to be:
  • Fully toilet-trained
  • Well behaved, with basic obedience (eg: sit, come)
  • Comfortable in a busy home environment with children / other dogs
  • Aged 1 year or older (younger dogs may be considered depending on their temperament and toilet training)
Unfortunately some behaviour or characteristics may make a dog unsuitable to stay with us. This would include:
  • Chewing furniture, kids toys, shoes or other property
  • Toileting indoors or needing to toilet during the night
  • Excessive drooling or barking
  • Jumping up on people or furniture
  • Unable to settle calmly while inside the house
  • A determination to escape the property
It's really important that your dogs behaviour is within these guidelines. Dogs who soil in the house, or whose behaviour threatens the safety of carers or their families  or other dogs may be asked to leave. A soiling fee of $50 (Rug Doctor + time) may also be charged.
For the health of all the dogs who stay with us, your dog should be vaccinated and wormed. Ideally your dog should also be registered with your local council.

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